It’s a start

My first post, and if I can navigate my way around this new geography, it won’t be my last. I need a friendly gen-Y (thanks, Livy), a nice cup of tea and a bucketload of patience. Here goes!


7 thoughts on “It’s a start

  1. Hi. Excellent and interesting first effort. Don’t worry – the blue line and the link came across. Are you going to do it regularly or as and when? At least you weren’t as controversial as my friend Hans, who blogged his way round the US presidential libraries and made one comment that the US electoral system was effectively the same as Zimbabwe’s!

    • Hi Mike…we get asked to approve comments, as if I wouldn’t approve your lovely remarks…probably should mention you’re my big brother, but thank you so much for all the support love Angie

  2. A great start & a great topic. I normally live in Bahrain & at the moment I am in the UK taking in the response to the death of Margaret Thatcher. She has left a deep & divided society with the song Ding Dong the witch is dead topping the charts & radio stations unsure what to do. On the other hand some are coming out with comments that make her out to be someone who walks on water. There is very middle ground opinion which seems to be the same for your girl from Wales.
    PS my first reply to a blog.

  3. Hi to a fellow newby! Thanks so much for the reply and the encouragement. I agree, the Thatcher sorrow/jubilation response is extraordinary. When I learn how to make links I’ll do this properly, but you can probably find Russell Brand’s piece in The Guardian, which I thought was brilliant.

  4. I love these blogs. So much wisdom gained from our everyday life. The piano being heaved on the Salvo’s truck was a particularly potent image of ‘moving on’. The descriptions of which life long collections to throw or keep nearly gave me a panic attack. You and you beloved Bob are very brave (and funny).
    Please keep me on your list!

    • Hi Karen…thanks so much for taking the time. It means a lot. There is definitely more to this retirement business that we realised, but we are really loving living at Noosa and weren’t quite ready to come to London. But hey, plenty to blog about in the big city! Love to Peter and the boys.

      • Not sure if I am replying to Karen or you Angie! Great blog as always and as one who has experienced the adjustment to retirement I know what you mean. I was always somewhat amazed when Doug’s cousin Chris retired and she was so discombobulated not to have an hour by hour routine that she ended up writing one for herself ” allowing” herself set blocks of time to read, walk, do chores etc!! Much more laid back now of course. All takes time. Not that I can say I have done any better — I still do a shift or two a week at the hospital! I will be in UK from May 10 to June 20. A lot of it in London and Kent and Devon of course but if you have any spare time perhaps we could meet up for a drink? Give Thea Bombey a big hug for me and tell Simon to be very good to her. Happy Wedding wishes xxx Gill

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