Treading Water – a novel by Angie Oakley

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At last! My book, Treading Water is out on Amazon as we speak. It’s on Amazon Australia for $23.39, and on Kindle for a mere $6.11. It’s also available in America and UK, but the UK paperback is 15 quid, so maybe download it. Here’s what it’s about:

 Life seems good for Lucy – she’s so pretty and popular at her exclusive girls’ school. But under that smiling facade is a dark secret that draws her back to the bridge where a young man died. Paul has always been there when she needed him – so grown up and capable and kind. But as they grow ever closer, what he knows about the tragedy at the bridge threatens to destroy her faith in him forever. 

Two young people struggling in families fractured by divorce and bereavement – can they ever be free of the past?

And here are some compelling reasons why you should buy it.

(A) You’re looking for a really good read that will absorb and engage you.

(B) You love me and/ or are related to me.

(D) You quite like me.

(E) You don’t mind me.

(F) You want to be able to tell your friends you know a famous author.

(G) You like blue books, they go with your decor.

(H) The beautiful cover will look good on your coffee table.

(I) I gave birth to you.

If you want it to go gangbusters for me, (publishers’ bidding war/ Hollywood movie/ Booker Prize…that sort of thing) then here are your instructions:

(A) Read it if you want to…that would be wonderful!!!!!! And then give it a review.(Amazon, Goodreads etc.)

(B) Recommend it to all your friends, acquaintances, workmates, bookshops, literary agents, publishers, compilers of best seller lists, famous people who like books…anyone will do. And don’t forget Christmas is coming…Great Aunt Gertie will love it.

(C) You don’t have to read it, just download it and give it a REVIEW on Amazon or Goodreads or anywhere really Four stars please.****

(D) If you can be arsed, give it a WRITTEN REVIEW! Here are a few key phrases – feel free to use them:

(aTreading Water  is a remarkable/insightful/compelling/engaging/authentic work of fiction.

(b) Treading Water takes us into the lives of the young and troubled. It’s a difficult journey, but ultimately a rewarding one.

(c) If you only buy one book this year, make it Treading Water by emerging novelist Angie Oakley (OK a bit over the top…but you get the drift).


(1) Here’s the link to the publishers, who will get it to you, and point you to other outlets.( I hope it works…any advice on how to do links would be gratefully received)

poster — 01

(2) I may be able to convince some bookshops to sell it Watch this space.

(3) Come along to The Big Launch! There will be wine, nibbles and you can buy a personally inscribed copy of the book for $20! (I know…bargain!)

Venue: Three White Rooms Gallery, 138 LaTrobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane 4064

Time: 6-8 pm

Date: Thursday 5th November

RSVP: by 29th October

OK now you need to prepare for a relentless onslaught of publicity, obsequious flattery (what good taste in books you have… etc) reminders, date claimers, tasters, teasers etc etc. I am planning to master twitter, so I can tweet you to death, and to pop up on facebook interminably until you’re so sick of me you’ll buy the bloody thing just to shut me up! Don’t say you weren’t warned.



11 thoughts on “Treading Water – a novel by Angie Oakley

  1. Dear Angie The book sounds intriguing. We’re travelling the Silk Road at the moment. Have you managed to secure any outlets in China or Uzbekistan yet? Might have to wait till I get back to Aus. Unfortunately we’ll miss you launch as well, as we get back on 6 Nov. Please save me a personally inscribed copy. What a wonderful opportunity to support a budding author. I suppose the next thing will be the book tour to all the literary festivals around the globe! Best of luck with it all. Cheers Ann N

    Sent from my iPad


    • Oh thank you, Ann. Very sorry you won’t be there but bubbles will be quaffed at one of the adjacent book groups, when you are back. Your copy is already put by, as is Ann’s, your fellow Silk Roady. Thank you for the support!It means a lot to me. x Angie

  2. Hi Angie – I knew you’d do it! Sounds very absorbing and mysterious – congratulations – I want to come to Paddo for the book launch!
    All the very best and I hope to hear you interviewed on RN! Regards, Flavia

    • Thank you Irene, and right back at you, I’ve signed up to follow your journey. I love the interaction of text and visuals that explore boundaries and margins. It’s a bit of an Australian trope…or it was in lots of the books I read for my study of books about growing up in Oz.So many young folk were portrayed on an edge – often a beach – gazing out and longing to be somewhere that isn’t at the periphery of the action. Mind you, that was in the first half of the twentieth century…things have changed a great deal! Nevertheless our own boundaries persist. Great to meet up…see you soon.

      • Yes it was great to meet. You don’t have any follow buttons on your site but I can now follow you via the link left on mine. You asked in one of your posts for assistance with setting up links – I was not sure if you wanted help but I can tell you how to do links if you don’t know. The boundaries you find with WordPress are usually easily jumped.

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