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I’ve worked with BookPal to publish my second book Treading Water and as you can see, they have done a fantastic job. We’re launching it on November 5th but it’s already available on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords and any bookshops that can be persuaded to flog it for me. If you like it, you can give me a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Launch invite

Here’s the blurb:

Lucy has it all – good looks, a cool boyfriend and a coterie of friends at her exclusive girls’ school. But she is haunted by a dark secret that draws her back to the bridge where the young man died. Paul has always been there when she’s needed him – so grown up and capable and kind. But he knows something about the tragedy at the bridge that threatens to derail all he has achieved.Two young people struggling in families fractured by divorce and bereavement – can they ever be free of the past?

My first book,  completed, amateurishly “published” and distributed among family and friends goes further back into the history of the characters in Treading Water. It’s next in line for publication.

Porcelain_House_Front Cover

The Porcelain House comes from a true story of a doomed wartime romance in my own family – It covers two generations of Waldrons. Here’s the blurb:

On a cold November night in 1943, Lieutenant Tom Waldron brings an old friend into his home and into the life of his youngest sister. The romance between the shy young Englishwoman and the Australian airman sets in train a tragic story that will stretch down the years from the Second World War to the present and from England to Australia. It will leave a family irrevocably damaged by secrets, lies and loss, left only with the hope that a new generation will find somewhere to belong.

I know it means nothing if Great Aunt Gertie or your mum thinks you’re a genius, but I have had many favourable “reviews” from lots of people who’ve read the books, which I would categorise as “serious popular fiction”. (That’s a description I pinched from Douglas Kennedy but I think it fits.) Treading Water  will be out this year (2015) and plans are afoot for The Porcelain House to follow.


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