The Porcelain House

Porcelain_House_Front Cover

This is my first novel. It’s a wide ranging family saga that moves down the years and across the globe. It has its roots in the Second World War and the damage wrought among ordinary people and the succeeding generations. It’s drawn from some tragic events in my own family and I’ve ‘published’ it amateurishly (thank you, Stuartholme School Library), and it was actually very well received. Now it’s my next project to be edited and put about. Watch this space!

It is in effect a prequel, and deals in the early lives of some of the people in my current novel Treading Water, which has been self-published, launched, and is out on Amazon for all to buy and read. 

Here’s the blurb for The Porcelain House:

On a cold night in November 1943, Lieutenant Tom Waldron brings an old friend into his home and into the life of his youngest sister. The romance between the shy young Englishwoman and the Australian airman sets in train a tragic story that will stretch down the years from the second World War to the present and across the globe from England to Australia. It will leave a family irrevocably damaged by secrets, lies and loss, left only with the hope that a new generation will find somewhere to belong.