Angie Oakley – Writer in Waiting

I’ve lived and worked – mostly as an English teacher – all over the place, but have recently moved from the veranda of a lovely old Queenslander in Brisbane, Australia to Noosa Heads, a little beach town about two hours further north. To have reached this time of life in relatively good health is a gift and I’m using it to do the things I love: writing, reading, thinking, talking, and laughing. I’ve written a couple of novels, lots of articles and want to get them published. As well I have imagined ringing up the talk-back shows so often that I need to blog it or burst. Welcome to my obsessions: education, literature, politics, family, travel, music and my latest -this heady freedom from paid work.


18 thoughts on “About

  1. This is, and will be, great reading Ange; I’ll ask my girls for any helpful hints about getting the blog “out there”.

  2. Angie, this is lovely. Oh, sitting on your veranda in the Brisbane sunshine – I’m envious (I was over there about four years ago presenting at conference and then staying with old friends – loved the city). It was good to meet you in London. Well done for starting your blog and getting into this new and puzzling world of technology! Will now read your last big blog….!

    • Julia -thank you for the words of encouragement. I’m really enjoying the blogging,and feeling inspired about self-publishing my books.You are a great example! kind regards, Angie

  3. Love the blog Mrs Oakley!! Your words always make me laugh, you are such a great writer. Love to you and Mr Oakley xxxooo

  4. Julia…how lovely to get your message. So glad you like the blog and it makes you laugh…it means my audience has just expanded by about thirty years! Love, Mrs O (Angie’s better…makes me sound younger)

  5. Angie, it was lovely to meet you this evening at the writer’s seminar. Thanks for sharing – can’t wait to read more of your writing and hear your fabulous ideas!
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you Norah, and lovely to talk to a fellow traveller.It’s quite empowering to think we can put our own stuff out there – whether anyone reads it or not! I can recommend WordPress if you’re thinking of starting a blog, and happy to read your family saga down the track. It sounds very intriguing. KInd regards, Angie

  6. Found your blog, Angie. Am sitting in bed reading, reminiscing and enjoying. Will need to get up some time soon! While I have come to travel later in life, I have enjoyed life in Bardon for 40 years. There is much to remember. Thank you for reminding me.

    • Hi Lyndall, it was so lovely to see you at Salt and have such a great catch up. And thank you for taking the time with the blog. As I said I love doing it, but it’s great when it strikes a chord with someone else. I guess we are all at a similar time of life, so the same thoughts and concerns are occupying us. How nice to be able to put it out there and for responses such as yours to keep the conversation going. Take care and give our best to the family, love Angie

  7. At last! I now understand what all the fuss about blogs are. I dip into your blogs and immediately feel I’m walking in your shoes. Luckily they are metaphorically the size of a hobbits feet and fit a treat. I LOVE your blogs. Are your novels available through Amazon? I hope you are charging. Crafted literary art deserves a monetary reward.

    • Hey Pete n’Rob. So lovely to hear from you and to feel a kindred spirit. You’ve also had a sea-change, so we have much in common. Many thanks for taking the time with it. Would love to see you guys, love Angie
      PS we’re in wonderful Rome, with Alex and Judy of mad lunch fame. They send their love, and I might get another blog out of it

  8. Hi sister dear. I love your blogs and in particular your ’12 nays co christmas’ blog. Laugh out loud stuff. Where can I find the doll that poos jewels? As a metaphorical pressie it is just too tempting! Well done! Mx

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